Friday Finds #69.


FRIDAY FINDS showcases the books you ‘found’ and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list… whether you found them online, or in a bookstore, or in the library — wherever! (they aren’t necessarily books you purchased).


I have four books to share with you guys this week that all sound like they are going to be pretty awesome reads! I’ve included the book descriptions below as well. You can see more of my TBR over on my Goodreads account over here and feel free to add me as a friend!


Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake

Goodreads Description: Mara and Owen are about as close as twins can get. So when Mara’s friend Hannah accuses Owen of rape, Mara doesn’t know what to think. Can the brother she loves really be guilty of such a violent crime? Torn between the family she loves and her own sense of right and wrong, Mara is feeling lost, and it doesn’t help that things have been strained with her ex-girlfriend, Charlie. As Mara, Hannah, and Charlie navigate this new terrain, Mara must face a trauma from her own past and decide where Charlie fits in her future. With sensitivity and openness, this timely novel confronts the difficult questions surrounding consent, victim blaming, and sexual assault.


Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel

Goodreads Description: It’s been sixty-five painful days since the death of Juniper’s big sister, Camilla. On her first day back at school, bracing herself for the stares and whispers, Juniper borrows Camie’s handbag for luck – and discovers an unsent break-up letter inside. It’s mysteriously addressed to ‘You’ and dated July 4th – the day of Camie’s accident. Desperate to learn the identity of Camie’s secret love, Juniper starts to investigate. But then she loses something herself. A card from her daily ritual, The Happiness Index: little notecards on which she rates the day. The Index has been holding Juniper together since Camie’s death – but without this card, there’s a hole. And this particular card contains Juniper’s own secret: a memory that she can’t let anyone else find out.


Wild Bird by Wendelin Van Draanen

Goodreads Description: 3:47 a.m. That’s when they come for Wren Clemmens. She’s hustled out of her house and into a waiting car, then a plane, and then taken on a forced march into the desert. This is what happens to kids who’ve gone so far off the rails, their parents don’t know what to do with them anymore. This is wilderness therapy camp. Eight weeks of survivalist camping in the desert. Eight weeks to turn your life around. Yeah, right. The Wren who arrives in the Utah desert is angry and bitter, and blaming everyone but herself. But angry can’t put up a tent. And bitter won’t start a fire. Wren’s going to have to admit she needs help if she’s going to survive.


Far from the Tree by Robin Benway

Goodreads Description: A contemporary novel about three adopted siblings who find each other at just the right moment. Being the middle child has its ups and downs. But for Grace, an only child who was adopted at birth, discovering that she is a middle child is a different ride altogether. After putting her own baby up for adoption, she goes looking for her biological family, including—Maya, her loudmouthed younger bio sister, who has a lot to say about their newfound family ties. Having grown up the snarky brunette in a house full of chipper redheads, she’s quick to search for traces of herself among these not-quite-strangers. And when her adopted family’s long-buried problems begin to explode to the surface, Maya can’t help but wonder where exactly it is that she belongs. And Joaquin, their stoic older bio brother, who has no interest in bonding over their shared biological mother. After seventeen years in the foster care system, he’s learned that there are no heroes, and secrets and fears are best kept close to the vest, where they can’t hurt anyone but him.

Have you added any new books to your TBR? Feel free to link me to your posts if you have one or leave a comment letting me know what new books you added to your TBR. 🙂

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Thoughts|| Little & Lion.


Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert
3 out of 5 stars.

Goodreads Description: When Suzette comes home to Los Angeles from her boarding school in New England, she isn’t sure if she’ll ever want to go back. L.A. is where her friends and family are (along with her crush, Emil). And her stepbrother, Lionel, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, needs her emotional support. But as she settles into her old life, Suzette finds herself falling for someone new…the same girl her brother is in love with. When Lionel’s disorder spirals out of control, Suzette is forced to confront her past mistakes and find a way to help her brother before he hurts himself–or worse.

I was sent an ARC of Little & Lion from The Novl(Check out their monthly newsletters for chances to win books from them!) Release Date: August 8th 2017.

First I have to point out that the book cover for Little & Lion is pretty freaking amazing! I really liked how diverse Little & Lion was. There’s bisexuality, mental illness, biracial characters, and so many other things that make this book diverse. I loved that it centered around Suzette and Lionel’s sibling relationship. That was a big thing I enjoyed about this book and there was so much love between them, but I would have liked more. I felt like there was a lot missing and it would have been nice to get more backstory and flashbacks.

While I did enjoy Suzette and Lionel as characters, it was hard to completely connect with them and same with some of the other relationships/characters in the book. I did enjoy the book a lot and it was easy to read. I liked Colbert’s writing style a lot, but I just felt like character development was lacking for me and it was hard for me to get super excited about them and to go through all the emotions with them. I also felt like some things were left unresolved or that I wanted more of. For example; Suzette and Iris. I won’t say anything more than that though, because I don’t want to give spoilers.

Overall, I really liked Little & Lion. For the most part I enjoyed the characters, but would have liked to have more. I think the book probably should have been a little longer to better develop the characters and relationships. When I got to the end I was actually surprised it was the end. I was expecting an epilogue of some sort, because I really wanted more and to see what happened with Suzette and Lionel and the aftermath of what happened when they went on with their lives. It kind of just ended and I was like “wait, that’s it?”. It just randomly ended with so many things unresolved. It was still a good story and it did leave me wanting more, so that’s a plus. I would still recommend checking out this book, especially if you’re looking for a really diverse book. This one has so many different aspects of diversity in it.

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Recap|| July.



July is gone already? The months are just flying by this month. It was a good month for me in my real life and with reading. I was in a bit of a slump, but I was able to read five books, which is nice. ALSO! I reached over 900 followers in July, which is totally awesome! Thank you guys so much for following me and liking my posts. 🙂

Now onto my recap of what I read in July. You can find a full list of these books and the other books I read this year over here. All will be linked to Goodreads below and I will also link to individual blog posts for them if I did a review.

Physically Read Books:
These are the books that I read by myself (not audiobooks) throughout the month of July.


History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera – 3.5 out of 5 stars.
I really enjoyed History Is All You Left Me. It was so sad and heartbreaking, but still so good! There were a few times throughout that I was bored, but I was also battling a reading slump while trying to finish this book before it returned to my library so maybe that played a role. Overall though I really liked this story and the characters. The friendship between Griffin, Theo, and Wade was perfect.

Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre – Review – 4 out of 5 stars.
I really enjoyed Mirror Me. It was fun, it was creepy, and it kept me guessing. Great characters and friendships. There were times that it was so hard to put down, because I just wanted to know what was happening to Hannah. Feel free to check out my review for more.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness – 3 out of 5 stars.
The Rest of Us Just Live Here…WTF DID I READ? I loved the characters. I loved the friendships. The story was really freaking weird though. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, to be honest. Such a strange book.

When It’s Real by Erin Watt – 5 out of 5 stars.
I flew through When It’s Real in two days. I loved to book so freaking much! It was such a fun book and it had me laughing out loud throughout the entire thing. I loved Oakley and Vaughn. I might have a review for this one coming.

Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert – 3 out of 5 stars.
I have some mixed feelings about Little & Lion. While it was a good story and had so much diversity in it, I wasn’t completely sold on it. I liked the characters, but also I didn’t connect with them as much as I would have liked. I felt like there was something missing and I wanted more. I still liked it though. Full review to come soon.

What did you read in July? Have you read any of the books that in July? Feel free to link me to your wrap up posts, so I can check them out!

August is looking like an almost all ARC month for me. I have quite a few ARCs that I’ve been sent that are releasing in August/September, so I have to start on those ASAP! The plus side, that means a lot more reviews coming. I’ve been slacking on them this year with other books I’ve read that haven’t been ARCs, so hopefully I’ll get back into doing more reviews for other/non-ARC books.

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Book Haul|| July.



I can’t believe this is the last day of July! This month flew by pretty quickly. I am back today to share my July book haul with you. First off though….

Happy Birthday, Harry & J.K. Rowling!


I took this picture for my bookstagram account on their birthday last year, but it’s too cute not to share again this year. Now onto the books that I got this month!

Physical Books:

The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller
When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

I’ve been so stoked about The Art of Starving and When Dimple Met Rishi, so I couldn’t help but to finally get them this month. I also got a cute Dimple bookmark and signed bookplate.

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich
Final Girls by Riley Sager
Lucky Us by Amy Bloom
Illustrated Three-Line Novels by Felix Feneon

The Love Interest and Final Girls was in my Book of the Month Club box and I am super stoked about them both. I went to the dollar store the other day with my mom and sister and came across Lucky Us (which I’ve been really wanting to read) and Illustrated Three-Line Novels. $1 each, so couldn’t beat that!


Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert
A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland
Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller

I received some ARCs from publishers this month, which is always exciting. I was really stoked about all of these books. I actually already read Little & Lion this month, so I should hopefully have my review up in the next few days. I can’t wait to dive into A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares and Mask of Shadows. I think I will be reading those in August.


Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre
Invictus by Ryan Graudin
The Border by Steve Schafer

I also got a few eARCs from Netgalley and authors. I was so excited when I was able to get a copy of Invictus. I can’t wait to read that one. I read Mirror Me this month and you can check out my review over here. I also plan to read The Border in August and I am pretty excited about it.


We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson
Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott
Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Hunted by Meagan Spooner
By Your Side by Kasie West

Last but not least, I was able to get some great e-book deals this month as well! I am looking forward to reading every single one of these. I’ve been trying to be  a little more pickier with which e-books I get since I tend to go a little crazy when there’s good deals. Super stoked about these six.

What new books did you get in July? Have you read any of the ones that I got this month? Feel free to link me to your haul posts!

I should hopefully have my July wrap up posted in the next day or two and like I mentioned before my review for Little & Lion up soon as well. I actually need to go work on my review for it now.

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Friday Finds# 68.


FRIDAY FINDS showcases the books you ‘found’ and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list… whether you found them online, or in a bookstore, or in the library — wherever! (they aren’t necessarily books you purchased).


I have four books to share with you guys that all sound like they are going to be pretty awesome reads! I’ve included the book descriptions below as well. You can see more of my TBR over on my Goodreads account over here and feel free to add me as a friend!

wordsonbathroomwallsWords on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton

Just released this month.

Goodreads Description: Adam has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He sees and hears people who aren’t there: Rebecca, a beautiful girl who understands him; the Mob Boss, who harasses him; and Jason, the naked guy who’s unfailingly polite. It should be easy to separate the real from the not real, but Adam can’t. Still, there’s hope. As Adam starts fresh at a new school, he begins a drug trial that helps him ignore his visions. Suddenly everything seems possible, even love. When he meets Maya, a fiercely intelligent girl, he desperately wants to be the great guy that she thinks he is. But then the miracle drug begins to fail, and Adam will do anything to keep Maya from discovering his secret.

thehollowgirlThe Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan

Release Date: October 10th 2017

Goodreads Description: Five boys attacked her. Now they must repay her with their blood and flesh. Bethan is the apprentice to a green healer named Drina in a clan of Welsh Romanies. Her life is happy and ordered and modest, as required by Roma custom, except for one thing: Silas, the son of the chieftain, has been secretly harassing her. One night, Silas and his friends brutally assault Bethan and a half-Roma friend, Martyn. As empty and hopeless as she feels from the attack, she asks Drina to bring Martyn back from death’s door. “There is always a price for this kind of magic,” Drina warns. The way to save him is gruesome. Bethan must collect grisly pieces to fuel the spell: an ear, some hair, an eye, a nose, and fingers. She gives the boys who assaulted her a chance to come forward and apologize. And when they don’t, she knows exactly where to collect her ingredients to save Martyn.

thewoodThe Wood by Chelsea Bobulski

Release Date: August 1st 2017

Goodreads Description: When Winter’s dad goes missing during his nightly patrol of the wood, it falls to her to patrol the time portals and protect the travelers who slip through them. Winter can’t help but think there’s more to her dad’s disappearance than she’s being told. She soon finds a young man traveling in the wood named Henry who knows more than he should. He believes if they can work together to find his missing parents, they could discover the truth about Winter’s dad. The wood is poisoned, changing into something sinister—torturing travelers lost in it. Winter must put her trust in Henry in order to find the truth and those they’ve lost.

zerorepeatforeverZero Repeat Forever by Gabrielle Prendergast

Release Date: August 29th 2017

Goodreads Description: He has no voice, or name, only a rank, Eighth. He doesn’t know the details of the mission, only the directives that hum in his mind. Dart the humans. Leave them where they fall. His job is to protect his Offside. Let her do the shooting. Until a human kills her…Sixteen year-old Raven is at summer camp when the terrifying armored Nahx invade, annihilating entire cities, taking control of the Earth. Isolated in the wilderness, Raven and her friends have only a fragment of instruction from the human resistance. Shelter in place. Which seems like good advice at first. Stay put. Await rescue. Raven doesn’t like feeling helpless but what choice does she have? Then a Nahx kills her boyfriend. Thrown together in a violent, unfamiliar world, Eighth and Raven should feel only hate and fear. But when Raven is injured, and Eighth deserts his unit, their survival comes to depend on trusting each other… 

Have you added any new books to your TBR? Feel free to link me to your posts if you have one or leave a comment letting me know what new books you added to your TBR. 🙂

I should have my book haul and my wrap up posted next week. I’m hoping to finish Little & Lion today, so I can include it in my wrap up post. I only have a little over 50 pages left, so I should be able to do it. I’ve actually been trying to finish it for days, but got distracted with another book and then I haven’t been in the mood to read again, sigh. BUUUT I should have it finished today.

In case you missed it;
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Thoughts|| Mirror Me.


Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre
4 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Description: Hannah McCauley doesn’t look at herself in the mirror anymore. After a rebellious past, she now attends a strict private school in a new town, where her recently divorced mother has put her on social lockdown. No driving. No bad grades. No skipping classes. No unapproved friends. No makeup. No boys. And the subject of her best friend from her old school is definitely forbidden. Hannah is being punished for something that happened a year earlier, something that she would like to put behind her. But strange occurrences frighten her, and she’s accused of breaking rules and doing other terrible things without any recollection of them. No one believes her, so she starts distrusting everything, even her own reflection. Is she being haunted by her past? Stalked by someone with a grudge? Or is it all in her head? If she doesn’t figure out what’s happening fast, her existence could end up irreparably shattered.

I read Tara’s book Just A Few Inches last year and I was so excited to read her new book Mirror Me. Kind of a funny story, but right before I was asked by Tara if I wanted to read her new book, I was talking to one of my friend’s about how mirrors creeped me out. The next day I get an email asking if I wanted to read Mirror Me.

Mirror Me was definitely on the creepy side at times and it was totally weird, but in a good way! So many weird and crazy things were happening to Hannah and I wanted to know what was going on. I found myself coming up with so many different scenarios in my head as to what could be happening. At one point I had about 3 or 4 different things that could be happening to Hannah and explanations as to why certain things were happening. Some reasonable and some totally crazy explanations. I really enjoyed that about Mirror Me. It always kept me guessing and it was fun.

I really liked Hannah and her friendships with Zo and Grace. I wasn’t a big fan of Hannah’s mother. She made me so angry, because she wouldn’t let Hannah do anything. It also didn’t help that she would keep getting in trouble for things she didn’t remember doing and her mother would not listen to her at all. I guess it’s a little understandable since Hannah wasn’t the best person a year ago, but I felt like her mom didn’t cut her any slack at all and was way too overbearing. That was one of the things that really bugged me about the story. BUT there are two sides to every story, so you’ll have to see how that unfolds.

Overall, I really enjoyed Mirror Me. It was fun, it was creepy, and it kept me guessing. Great characters and friendships. There were times that it was so hard to put down, because I just wanted to know what was happening to Hannah. I would definitely recommend picking this one up.

It was just released today (July 25th), go check it out! 🙂


In case you missed it;
Monthly Subscriptions.

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Monthly Subscriptions.



It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, so since I have been actively taking part of a couple subscription services I decided to bring it back! I have two Nerdy Post boxes to share with you (June & July) and I also have my Book of the Month Club box to share with you as well.

Nerdy Post:

Nerdy Post is a fandom based subscription service that sends out hand lettering art and other goodies (bookmarks, pins, magnets, stickers, notepads, posters, etc.) with quotes from the monthly themed fandom. They also now have a Nerdy Tees, where you can get a t-shirt each month that matches the theme of the Nerdy Box. I’ve gotten a few shirts from them and they are always such great quality!


The theme for August is Harry Potter! I think there is a week left for ordering the HP box and/or Nerdy Tee. 

June Theme: Fandomland


This was their one year anniversary box, so it included a ton of different things from a bunch of different fandoms. I’m not going to lie, this wasn’t my favorite box of theirs. There were still some cool designs though.

These were two of the smaller prints.
Left is a quote from: Hamilton
Right is a quote from: Sherlock

These were the big bookmarks.
Left is a quote from: Doctor Who
Right is a quote from: Star Wars

Left is a smaller print from: Game of Thrones
Right is the large print from: Firefly

There were two double sided bookmarks.
Left bookmark: Pride & Prejudice and The Hobbit
Right bookmark: Lilo & Stitch and I think Iron Man
*forgot the note card at home before making this post*

Stranger Things Coaster
Supernatural Wax Melt
CS Lewis Quote Sticker
Harry Potter Knot Bracelet

July Theme: Alice in Wonderland


I LOVE Alice in Wonderland so much, so I was definitely sticking around for the Alice box that was for July. I LOVE everything about this box. It’s so colorful and had Nerdy Posts best designs!

This month they included TWO large prints and I love the designs for them both so much!

There was also a magnetic bookmark, sticker, and a double sided bookmark. I LOVE the sticker and double sided bookmark so much.

First picture is the mirror that they included (other side is obviously the mirror, lol). A cute notepad and a smaller print.

Every month they include “golden tickets’ in random boxes and you win a themed prize for that month. I had a golden ticket in my box! My prize was a tote bag from Out of Print. Pretty obsessed with it!

Book of the Month Club:

Book of the Month Club is a book subscription box where each month you get to pick a book from a I believe five different options, so you get to see and choose which book you want. You can also add “extra” books to your box from past books that they’ve had for only $9.99 each extra book.


These are the books that I got for my July Book of the Month Club box. The book I chose was Final Girls, which sounds like a pretty amazing horror book. I plan to read that around October. I added an extra book this month and chose The Love Interest. I was seeing it around online and it sounds interesting.

Are you subscribed to any bookish or fandom boxes? Let me know! I’m always looking for some new ones to try out!

I hope you have a great day!