Random|| Update & Pictures.

Hi! 🙂

I have a big picture post for you guys! It’s been almost a month since I’ve done one. I think the last one was just before my wedding. I want to share more wedding pictures too, but I probably won’t do that this post. I’m waiting to see the pictures that I get from the photographer. Anyway, onto the picture! It’s a mix of random pictures and bookish pictures.

For the bachelorette party, we decided to go to Key West. Stopped along the way to get pictures. We topped on the seven mile bridge to get a picture of the water. The last picture is the sunset when we were out at the bars. So pretty! We saw this HUGE mermaid along the way and I had to get a picture of that, so we stopped there.

mom, me, older sister, younger sister, amanda, christina, and aunt.


We camped when we were in Key West instead of staying at a hotel. Our campsite was right on the water. I don’t have the picture on my phone anymore to post here, but a HUGE iguana crawled right out of the water. It was pretty crazy. They just chill out there and in the bathrooms. I seen one try to get into someone else’s tent.

Here’s a random picture of my wedding cake. We had a Doctor Who cake topper, because we both LOVE Doctor Who. I also had macrons at my wedding and they were so good! I am dying to go get some more and they are my new obsession.

Speaking of new obsessions, why didn’t anyone tell me that the bath bombs from Lush are so freaking HUGE! I was like “WTF”. I feel like I’ve been lied to all my life with the ones that I’ve been buying on Etsy or Target. They are TINY compared to the ones you get from Lush. I plan to order more ASAP.


A week after being married and on our way to the pizza festival, which sucked badly. We didn’t even stay for it and ended up going out to eat somewhere else instead.

So I moved my bookshelves again, hahah. I swear I move them at least once a month. Our bedroom is really odd shaped, so I ended up putting all my bookshelves and my chaise in the area in our bedroom that is never used and I really love this new setup so much! I am in love with my new tapestry too. Such pretty colors. 😀 I am pretty happy with this new setup. Now I just need to get two more black bookcases to replace the brown ones I have, so they all match.

Just some randoms. A little dandelion puff. A sea shell. A pine cone. I found the pine cone at the park where the pizza festival was being held. That was probably the best part of the day, because I hadn’t seen one in years.

I finished The Darkest Minds on Thursday, it was so amazing and everything I hoped it would be and why the heck did I not read it sooner? It crushed my heart. I started PS I Like You on Friday morning and finished it Friday night. I read the entire day and couldn’t put it down. I loved it so freaking much! Ahhh it was so cute. I am currently reading Isla and the Happily Ever After now and it’s great so far.

It’s not a picture post without these three. Dax, ColbyJack, October. These three are pretty amazing. 😀 Oh and here are some other furbabies that I love….

The outside kitty, which I am obsessed with. She always hangs around our house and she’s so cute and sweet. She probably sticks around because I feed her though, let’s be real. 😛 And DIGBY! We watched Andy’s parents’ dog for a week, which was fun. October wasn’t really fond of him much, but it was all good. He’s so cuddly and I wish my furbabies were.

Other random pictures. Hanging out by the pool. The weather was really nice. And taking Dax on a walk before work the other day.


The new season of Doctor Who started on Saturday and I loved the first episode so much. I think I am really going to love the new companion. She reminds me of a mix of Rose, Martha, and Donna. I was telling Andy that she has all three personalities and it’s perfect! I even got teary eyed a couple times during the first episode, lol. I am really looking forward to this new season, except that it’s Capaldi’s last season. I am not ready for him to go. I love him so much as the Doctor and I don’t think he’s had enough time as the Doctor. He’s my second favorite after Ten. 😦

How was your Easter if you celebrate? What’s your favorite Easter candy? Mine is Cadbury Mini Eggs. If you don’t celebrate Easter, how was your Sunday? What’s your favorite non-holiday Candy? 😀

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Random|| Update & Pictures.



I haven’t updated in almost a week, but I have been SO SO busy. This weekend I was able to finish up all the wedding DIYs that I had to do, which included making the boutonnieres for the guys, doing little touch ups to the bouquets, and decorating the arch. My older sister helped with a lot of it and I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it without her! I also spent a lot of time shopping all weekend trying to gather all the last minute things that I need. You guys….I get married in like FIVE DAYS! AHHH! There have been so many hiccups with planning this wedding and things not working out for me. I really hope it turns out good. Here are a few pictures of some of the things my sister and I made!


The one with the book page heart is for the groomsmen and the one with the book page flower is for Andy (the groom). I didn’t include pictures of the bouquets, but they are similar. The bridesmaids have little book page hearts in theirs and I have a book page flower in mine to match Andy’s.


This is the arch that my sister and I decorated. We still need to put one more strand of the purple flowers in the back and also trip the fabric at the bottom, but that’s pretty much what it’ll look like when it’s finished. It took us so long to do it. I think we were outside for like four hours yesterday. I really hope it survives the drive to the venue.

The weekend before last I went to a St. Patrick’s Day parade with my my mom, cousin, and her son. It was SOOO hot outside, but pretty fun. Left is a picture of my mom and I. Right is a picture of my cousin’s son and I drinking frozen lemonade, which were amazing.

A couple pictures from actual St. Patrick’s Day. Andy, me, and my sister. And the little had I wore. It was a really fun night. I went out with my mom and then around 10ish Andy and my older sister came out.


I read two Tarryn Fisher books last week. I finished Bad Mommy, which was pretty good but different than what I expected it to be. I gave it 3.5 stars. I absolutely hated (actually LOVED) F*ck Love. It made me so angry, but I could not stop reading it.


I think I will finally read The Song Rising next. I wanted to give it my full attention and I also wasn’t ready for it. I’ve been so busy, so I knew I wouldn’t be reading much. I think I will be starting it next week and I am so stoked. I got some cool Bone Season bookmarks in the mail (I’ll post in my haul post next week) and can’t wait to use them with this book! I am obsessed with this series and Warden.


Here is a current picture of my reading area in my living room! I’ll eventually have a room for all my books and my new chaise, but I have to wait a few months for that to happen. I also need to clean out the other room, because it’s pretty backed with boxes and wedding stuff. It’s good for now though. Once the wedding is over and we catch up on things, I will be getting new bookcases…so that’ll be when I move everything into the other room. For now it’s like a storage room and it’s baaaad! I plan to go on a MAJOR decluttering spree of the house once things get back to normal again.

Random flowers. I am obsessed with the cacti and the color of them. And I am living for the pink roses. I want to go back and buy them all.

Random picture of the lighthouse we bought for the backyard and a ferris wheel when I went to the carnival with my niece, nephew, and older sister.

That’s pretty much it for this post. I wanted to give you guys an update since I haven’t in awhile and I am still here. We have family coming in all week, starting tonight. It’s going to be a crazy busy week for me. Should be fun though! 😀 I’ll have my book haul (it’s a pretty big haul) and wrap up posts next week.

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I hope you have a great day!


Random|| Update, Birthday Haul, Pictures.


The last update I did was in February, oops. It was my February recap/book haul post, which I was pretty proud of my reading that month. 😀 I figured today I will do an update and picture post with that’s happening in my life right now. I haven’t done one in awhile. I’ve been pretty busy getting all my wedding stuff done. Almost time! About sixteen days away…yikes! I still have so many little things to do. I think it’ll all come together though, so I’m not too freaked out….yet.

One of the little things below. Andy and I labeled about 60 of these things the other night.


Last Friday (March 3rd) I had a birthday! I turned 29…dang! I am getting so old, but luckily for me I don’t feel or look 29; so it’s all good. 😛 I worked on my birthday, but then I went out with my old sister and that was fun. I ate cake for breakfast for three days straight too.

The fiance got me this emoji birthday balloon, which I love so much. Taco Bell for my birthday and it was amazing as always.

I was pretty spoiled this year as far as birthday gifts go and I got some pretty amazing gifts from my family and friends. Want to see my birthday haul?

These are a mix of gifts from my two sisters, Shelbie (book_shelbs) and Maren (The Worn Bookmark). Everything is amazing and on point to what I like. They know me so well. I am living for my Rumple & Belle sticker and my shark pizza shirt. I love everything so much…ahhhh! It’s a mix of books, Funkos, Stickers, Doctor Who, Supernatural, CATS, PIZZA, Pokemon!! A Stranger Things candle, which smells like Eleven’s waffles and it’s amazing. Hah. Love those girls. 🙂


My cousin Michelle got me a ton of things for my birthday as well. A few shirts, which are cute. Nail polish and lots of photo crafts and a travel box, which will be perfect for saving my honeymoon stuff in! Andy’s parents got me this amazing shirt; books & cats yessss! And a Target gift card. Target is my favorite store…ever.

While I am talking about cute stuff, I’ll show you my Sherlock Nerdy Post. I usually save it for a monthly subscription post, but I probably won’t do one this month. I think this Sherlock box was my favorite one yet! I skipped the Disney box, but I am getting the Middle Earth one next month. 😀 Anyway, onto my Sherlock Nerdy Post unboxing!


This is everything together and I’ll post below of some of my favorite things. Included were a ton of awesome quotes/prints, bookmarks, sticker, enamel pin, notepad, and a new item they never had before…WASHI TAPE! I am obsessed with washi tape.

A few of my favorite things.

I also go the Sherlock Nerdy Tee that went along with the box. It’s a separate subscription though. I am obsessed with this shirt!


This isn’t a book blog without talking about books, so here are a couple books that I got on Tuesday. Some highly anticipated books that I have been dying to get my hands on.

The Song Rising…finally. I know I just read the first two books last month, but it’s been a hard couple weeks waiting for this book. I know some of you have been waiting years, but holy crap this series is everything to me. I need my Warden. And GOODBYE DAYS! You beautiful beautiful sad (crying still) book. I loved this book so much and I am glad to finally have a finished copy in my hands.

My mom, sister, and aunt went out one Friday night to the beach to drink. There was a live band too. Can we just appreciate these blender cup drinks? Our drinks came in a cup that looked like a dang blender and they were amazing.

I may or may not have posted this picture on the blog before, but Dax celebrated his 7th birthday in February. Seven years old. 😦 *crying* He’s still very much a puppy though. He’s not a grumpy old man yet.


While I am showing you furbabies with hats….I bought this little hat for St. Patrick’s Day and I had to put it on ColbyJack. He hates hats, but I can’t help but want to put ALL THE HATS on him. A million picture attempts later, this is what I got…

And here’s a couple pictures of my girly October. She’s so pretty and she’s growing so fast and I hate it. I want her to stay tiny forever. She’ll be one in June (or July).

And this picture of Dax, haha. 😛 And sorry…but another picture of Dax, because look at his face! He was having the time of life at the park.

I may or may not have two outside cats that look almost identical to my inside cats, lol. Why am I a crazy cat lady? Seriously….

Here are some random nature type pictures. Sky, flowers, trees, etc. I love taking pictures of things outdoors, but I honestly hate bugs and all of that. lol. Andy wants to go camping and I’m like “is there a house though?”.

Here is a picture of the Status of Liberty bookmark that I got because I am going to New York City for part of my honeymoon! It’s from Craftedvan. The other picture is a picture of my mom’s pineapple that she’s growing. It’s so pretty right now and colorful.

That’s all for this update and post. So many pictures! Feel free to follow me on any of my Instagram accounts to see more pictures! 😀

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OH YEAH, a year ago today I got engaged. 😛 AHHH! It’s also Bird’s birthday today (Shattered Blue), so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER! I can’t wait for you guys to read Renegade Red when it releases next week. She was actually in on the entire plot with Andy proposing to me. Since Shattered Blue has been a big part of my life and the engagement, it was only fitting to include it in my engagement photo shoot last year.


I hope you have a great day! 🙂


Two Year Blogiversary!

Hey! 😀

You guys! I’ve been blogging for two years! How exciting is that?! Honestly, I can’t believe it’s been two years. It’s been so amazing though and I’ve met so many awesome people throughout the last year years in the book community. I’ve been able to do some cool things as well. I am really looking forward to my third year of blogging! I know I’ll be a little busy in the next few months, but after that everything should be back to normal again! I honestly wouldn’t be where I am with my blog without you guys. Something else that is exciting is that I am SO CLOSE to 800 followers on here. That is HUGE, because I really didn’t think I would have this many of you lovelies reading my blog. Thank you! ❤

I am now going to share tons of pictures I’ve taken over the last few weeks, because who doesn’t love pictures? 😛

I am going to start with the most important pictures, FOOD! On the left we have some amazing pizza. The fiance and I decided to try out Davie’s Best Pizza for the second time, because it was a candidate for our wedding! I think it’s the winner. 😀 Now we need to call them up and set it all up. On the right, breakfast! I went out to eat for breakfast with my mom and aunt on the weekend. I love breakfast food.

Also over the weekend I went to my cousin’s house with my older sister so that we could do some wedding crafts. We made about 30 vases of flowers and 200 hearts. We were only able to do half of the stuff I need for the wedding. This weekend I am going to buy some more stuff, so we can finish it all. I still have about 24 more bottles I need to fill with flowers (which I need to go buy more of) and then I need to make probably another 300 of these hearts.

I am currently reading The Crown’s Game and I am actually really enjoying it a lot. I actually hate that I am kind of in a reading slump right now, because I really want to see how this ends, so I can fangirl over it and rush to order the second book because damn that book cover for the second book is gorgeous. 😛 Top right is a picture of a Nerds Rope, which is one of my favorite candies (that isn’t chocolate).


Speaking of reading, I listened to the audiobooks for The Raven Boys and Thirteen Reasons Why so far this month. I really liked The Raven Boys a lot and I can’t wait to get my hands on the other books. I decided to give the audiobook a shot, so if I ended up liking it then I could go buy all the books in the series, because the covers are amazing. I’ve had Thirteen Reasons Why on my TBR for a very long time. It was okay. I wasn’t blown away by it though.

I went to the beach a week or two ago to get some pictures of Renegade Red. It was actually a nice day out. It wasn’t crazy hot like it usually is and the waves were pretty big too. The beach is only a couple miles from my house, which is nice.

Above are a couple of the Renegade Red pictures that I took at the beach. Lauren has this thing on her website where you take pictures of her book and she adds the locations to a map on her site. Destination Shattered Blue.

I got a new Book Biff, which I am obsessed with. It’s actually my second one. It’s to protect your books, especially paperbacks. Top right is the packaging and I had to take a picture, because she always has the best packaging. Bottom right is a picture of ColbyJack forever in my way when I am trying to take bookstagram pictures. I also really need to finish this series!


I created a new Instagram (organizingashley), where I plan to document my journey of organizing my life and home. I am pretty exciting about it and maybe it’ll even motivate me to ACTUALLY do these things, because my house needs to start looking like an adult lives there. HAH. I first started by cleaning up my Pinterest account. I went from 15,000 pins to 9,500. I could probably get rid of a TON more pins, but I am very attached to my pins lol…sigh.

One of the bigger projects I did for my organizingashley Instagram was to clean my book area up and my shelves. As you can see in the top left picture, it was a straight up disaster. There was things EVERYWHERE. Look at the top of my bookshelves, it was even messier up there! On the top right you can see how they look now. All cleaned up and not a bunch of random crap everything haha. It looks MUCH nicer and the top is almost completely empty!

Here are some pictures of October and Dax. I don’t want to leave them out of the post. 😛 Plus they are so cute and I am forever obsessed with them. Dax likes to sleep with his head on pillows like humans, lol.

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Thank you guys again for following my blog, reading, and liking my stuff! I can’t wait to fully get back into blogging soon. 🙂


To end this post, here is a sunset. 😀

I hope you have a great day!


Picture Update.


I thought I would do a picture update with the last pictures I took in 2016 (and a few from the last few days). If you follow me on my Instagram accounts (heyyitsashley OR foreverbookish_) then you may have seen some of these.

I am starting with these pictures from when my sister, the fiance, and I went to the food trucks that our town has every Monday. We all ate from the BBQ truck. I had BBQ pulled pork mac & cheese. It was amazing!  A little too spicy toward the end since I was pretty much shoveling it in my mouth as if it had been years since I’ve eaten, LOL. It was so good. There was a pretty sunset too and a giant Christmas tree. I love food, sunsets, and Christmas trees.

You guys!! LOOK WHAT I GOT! *heart eyes for days*. It’s an ARC of Renegade Red!! The sequel to Shattered Blue. I am 40 pages away from finishing it and I am so stoked. It’s so good, you guys! I made this little picture to the right from one of the pages in the book, because seriously this book is so twisted!


The fiance and I recently got a new bed frame, mattress, and some pretty awesome new bedding. I feel like I got one of those cool bedroom setups that you see floating around Tumblr, lol. My sister got me this blue tapestry for Christmas and I stumbled across matching bedding on Amazon and I was like “YESSSS that’s mine! CLICK!”. I am so obsessed with it and so is my cat ColbyJack!


He is almost 24/7 on the bed now, which is rare for him. I’m cool with this, because I wish my animals were more cuddly. This was totally a double win for us, because I can’t seem to get him to get off it. 😛

The family & I went out for NYE. We bought some picture props and it was a lot of fun. Here’s a group shot of us and we kind of threw a ton of confetti all over the bar, haha. I bet they hated us when we left and they had to clean it all up. OOPS. 😛 It was so fun though! The hangover the next day was not fun though.

Here are some more NYE pictures. Top left is me & my younger sister. Top right is the fiance & me. Bottom is me & my older sister. Fun times! 😀

More furbaby pictures, because I am obsessed with them as you all know. Left is October and one of those rare times where she wants to be around me. Right top all three of them. Dax happy it’s Christmas and October & ColbyJack playing with their new toys. Right bottom is just CJ being a bum on my bed before I made it.

More pretty sky pictures. I am forever trying to get good pictures of the sky. It’s one of my many obsessions. Sometimes Florida has good sunsets. It just depends where you are. I live in a city that has a lot of buildings and trees and houses, so it’s not always easy to get good pictures.

I got some cool Everything, Everything/The Sun Is Also a Star swag last week. Pins, tattoos, and an art print.And my newly updated TBR jar. I currently have a poll happening on Twitter right now that involved my TBR jar. If you want to join in, head over there (whoa_itsashley) or comment below with a color. The color with the most votes will be the color I pick from to read next.


That’s all for this post! In case you missed it, I have a post up with some new changes and additions to my blog and reading challenge for 2017. You can check it out of over here (Hello, 2017.)

I hope you have a great day! 🙂


Random|| Update & Pictures.

Hello! 🙂

It’s been awhile since I’ve last done this type of post. I think the middle of October was the last time. It is definitely time for a new one. Warning; you might see double pictures because I can’t remember where I stopped since it’s been awhile since I’ve last done this post. It will also be picture heavy! Anyway, onto my life update and pictures!

The beach that is down the street from me has Margaritaville that just opened up there, so my mom, aunt, and I went to the beach and walked around. We got frozen margaritas and other drinks. It was a lot of fun. We also ate at 5 o’clock Somewhere, which was really nice. They had chairs in the sand and it was really cool!

Mine and the fiance’s Halloween engagement party was in October as well. It turned out to be a lot of fun minus all the wind that messed up decorations. My sisters and I made these treats for the party and I dressed up as Harry Potter. I then resurrected my HP costume to go to a Halloween party at the local bar with my sister. She was a cat, so I told her that she could be my house pet. hah.

I was able to visit my dad in November. It was the first time in a really long time (years) since I last seen him. It was a lot of fun being able to see him again and I definitely want to make it a point to see him more. He had the coolest yard and garden. So many different plants, flowers, and trees. Most that he grew himself and takes care of. Mom, dad, and I in the top picture.

We found a fire pit at Goodwill for $30 and decided to buy it. Since then we have been having a ton of fires and roasting marshmallows and making smores a lot lol. Pretty much addicted lately, for sure.

In November they have the Camelot Days Renaissance festival here. It’s always fun seeing everyone dressed up. They also have different shows to watch, tents to buy stuff, and FOOOOOD! I may or may not have been always found at the beer tent. 😛 I love this festival because I love Merlin and King Arthur.


I went to see some of my favorite bands in November. I sadly already moved all my pictures from the concert to my other computer, so you only get a picture of The Wonder Years. I also seen Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, Moose Blood, and Seaway. I love them all so much, so it was cool getting to see them all in one night! I’ve seen Knuckle Puck and Real Friends like five times, hah. They never get old, love them so much. I seen The Wonder Years a couple times and it was my first time seeing Moose Blood and Seaway. So much fun!

Thanksgiving! I didn’t get a ton of pictures on Thanksgiving. To be honest, I was pretty drunk most of Thanksgiving. OOPS. I was bored and started drinking early, hah. It was still a lot of fun and the food was awesome of course. 😀 October is totally in the Thanksgiving spirit, hah.

It’s that time! It’s that freaking time of the year! FA-LA-LA-LA-LA! I actually had my Christmas tree up the day after Halloween, because I am that person. Last year I made a fireplace for my stockings. This year I made a giant present and decorated it and hung our stockings. I even got another stocking for October, because she needed one too!

The fiance’s parents got me this really cool sugar skull Christmas ornament! I also got myself this really awesome doormat with flamingos wearing Christmas hats. I love Flamingos. I also got some other cool Christmas ornaments this year for my tree, sorry no pictures. 😦 I failed you guys.

I rearranged my bookshelves. This was in October and now they are a disaster again. Mostly cluttered with stuff that I don’t know where else to put them, sigh. Also, ColbyJack will forever be the king of photobombing my bookstagraming. Doctor Who recently turned 53, so you know I had to take a picture. I LOVE DW so much.

Some random pictures. My sister bought me this cute shark bracelet. Everyone knows I am obsessed with sharks. Kokomo – “Off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called kokomo; that’s where you go to get away from it all.”. Everyone knows that I am obsessed with the Beach Boys. I actually seen them in concert twice and John Stamos played with them both times! In case you didn’t know, John Stamos is my celebrity crush. First hot chocolate of the season. I sent out my wedding invitations; it took me over four hours to get them done! And it’s that time of the year for peppermint bark. It’s my favorite Christmasy candy.


Some more randoms. I bought this new shirt and I am obsessed with it. I honestly want to wear it everyday and buy it in ALL the colors. Maren (The Worn Bookmark) and Lauren (Shattered Blue) sent the fiance and I some pizza stones for our wedding gifts and we used them and we love them and PIZZA! I started doing the dot-to-dots in my Dot-to-Doc book. Pretty time consuming, but it’s fun.

We took my nephew fishing. He loves to go fishing. I love going to take pictures and read. I used to fish a lot when I was a kid. I even won a fishing trophy in a fishing tournament I was in when I was a kid! I don’t fish anymore though. Now I find it kind of boring, lol. Oh well. I was a kid and didn’t know any better. 😛 And some random sky pictures, because I am a sucker for taking pictures of the sky.

The rest of the pictures below are going to be furbaby pictures, because I love them so much and I always have to include them in my posts, so be prepared for cuteness overload. These first three are furbaby selfies, because I have a problem with forcing them to love me and take pictures with me.

Why yes that is my cat ColbyJack sitting on a bag with cats all over it! I thought it was hilarious, because it’s a cat sitting on a bunch of cats. Also, I totally bought Dax (dog) a beanie and he wore it and he seemed stoked about it. The last picture is a picture of October. I am obsessed with it. She was standing in the window and it was the perfect picture opportunity.

And that is all! HIGH FIVE to you if you finished this entire post!

I actually didn’t mean for it to be this long, but I had so many pictures to share with you guys. I need to do this type of post more often so it was be as crazy LOL. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram accounts to see all of these pictures and more that I don’t always post. 😛

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I hope you have a great day!


Random|| Books, Furbabies, & Halloween.


I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m here with another random update about things going on in my life and to share some pictures with you. I’ve had my mind preoccupied a lot lately with wedding stuff (and holiday stuff…because I am sucker for this time of the year). I have to get a move on with everything for my wedding! I feel like I am finally making progress though, so I am excited about that.

I haven’t been reading a whole lot lately, especially this month. It’s been hard to update my blog, because I haven’t had a lot to say and I haven’t been reading anything and so no reviews. I actually finished my first book in 12 days today, finally! I finished Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I probably won’t do a full review on it, but I’ll talk a little bit about what I thought. I gave it a 3.5 out 5 stars. I really liked it, but it didn’t blow me away. It was a bit boring at times and I skimmed a few pages here and there. Overall, it was pretty good and it was cute. I liked the characters, especially Lincoln. I’m glad I finally read it!


On Saturday it was ColbyJack’s third birthday! I can’t believe he is three already, lol. I bought him some toys and treats. I also bought him this birthday hat, which he hated and he wanted to murder me. You can see all the hate in his eyes. I had another hat I bought a couple years ago for him and Dax for their birthdays, but last year CJ tore it apart…I wonder why. 😛

I am dogsitting my cousin’s dog Bella (doxie) again. Here’s a picture of her and Dax (shih tzu) going on a walk. The next picture is of my kitten October. She doesn’t always show that she love me, but sometimes she does and I have to take what I can get. She’s more of a free spirit and likes to do whatever she wants and she doesn’t care about anything, unless you’re the dog (Dax). She loves Dax. Everyone loves Dax.

It’s almost October and Fall (not that seasons matter in Florida, blehhh). I am a huge Halloween fan (I named my kitten October, because she looks Halloweenie) and I love Pumpkins…and I might have a slight addiction. I stocked up on Pumpkin scented body care products and candy!

I’ve also been buying Halloween decorations and decorating my house already, because…HALLOWEEN! Look at my Halloween tree! I’m pretty excited about it. I am still working on the outside of my house, but I found this skeleton for only $5! Speaking of Halloween stuff, my cousin is having a Halloween themed Engagement party for the fiance and I. I AM SO STOKED! HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.

Now for all the random pictures. Pictured below is a moth that I saw landing on some flowers. I love taking pictures of bugs, but I really HATE bugs. Mosquito infested land in the second picture. The fiance and I were Pokemon hunting. We have to brave the mosquitoes if we want to catch’em all!

Speaking of Pokemon…I went to Target, because I practically live there. If you didn’t know, Target has these red ball statue things outside of their stores. WELL…at my Target they had some painted like Pokeballs! It was pretty amazing and I was sad there were no Pokemon near it! And here is just a random picture of me hanging by the pool. Summer is almost over…except I can still be swimming in my pool come December/January while everyone is building snowmen. This depresses me more than you know! I want to build a snowman! I can build a sandman, but that’s not as cool.

I found these tiny succulent and cacti plants on Amazon. They are really tiny and they are alive and you can water them and take care of them. I wanted to buy them all, but I settled on one for now. LOOK HOW TINY IT IS!! I’m obsessed with the thing, but I watered mine and it got taller LOL. I don’t know if it’s supposed to do that or not. The below is a picture of it before I watered it. Maybe it shrinks again when it needs more water or something.


Here are some random pictures from my bookstagram account. I’ve been doing the September photo a day challenge. These are a few of the pictures I’ve taken for that challenge. The first picture with the mockingjay pin was for the topic “book (s) that got you into reading” and the second picture is for the topic “character you want to swap lives with”.

The topic for the first picture was “book + stuffed animal” and the second picture topic was “red/white/blue books”.

Living with cats is tough, especially when you want to take pictures for your bookstagram. I would say that ColbyJack is the worst with the photobombing. As soon as he sees my white sheet, he comes running. October doesn’t do it as much (like I said before, she doesn’t care about things), but she will once in awhile. They make it so hard to take pictures. CJ just flat out sprawled on my sheet as soon as I laid it out. LOL!

That’s all for this update! I hope you enjoyed all my random pictures. You can see more of my pictures by following me on Instagram. I have two accounts and I’ll link them below!

heyyitsashley – personal Instagram account
foreverbookish_ – book Instagram account

I hope you have a great Monday and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things on my blog. I think the rest of the year I might be a little busier with all the wedding stuff I need to get finished and then holiday stuff. I will still try to make it a point to update as much as I can and still keep caught up with all of you guys though! This basically explains why I am not on here as much (and reading as much) as I would like to. Love you all though and thanks for sticking by me!